How To Organize Your Kitchen So Everything Is Easy To Find

Kitchen Mapping:  How To Organize Your Kitchen So Everything Is Easy To Find

So you just moved into a new place, and it’s time to unpack all your kitchen accouterments.  Flatware, place settings, glassware, trinkets… where do you start?  A true sign of a healthy kitchen is the accessibility of all items.  Have you ever heard of the kitchen triangle?  It’s an architectural rule for how an effective kitchen should be laid out.

The classic kitchen triangle regulates work flow.  The three "points" of the triangle are:  sink, stove/oven, and refrigerator.  In planning a kitchen, the cook should be able to move unimpeded between the three points, and the distances between those points should not be far.”

So, does you kitchen fit the mold?  If not, I can still help:

  • Store drinking glasses in a cabinet close to the refrigerator.  It’s the obvious place that people check first.
  • If you have a dishwasher, place settings should be stored near it and as close to your flatware as possible.  This makes for easy unloading and organizing.
  • Items like oven mitts and heat coasters should be stored closet to the stove.
  • Mixing bowls should be stored close to the sink or in an island area.  It’s best to also keep measuring cups and other such devices in the same area.
  • Use large zip lock bags to organize items that need to stay together.  An example would be the parts of a food processor.  There is nothing more annoying than searching for that blade in crowded drawers.
  • Speaking of crowded drawers, don’t have them.  Purge old items and stow infrequently used items in cabinets below.

Having a simple layout plan for your kitchen will make for a happy home –You might even cook more often.