How To Create A Kitchen Desk (Even If You Don't Have A Lot of Space)

The Kitchen Desk

The kitchen desk is essential in all homes.  Think of how many times you've need a pen, piece of paper or a pair of scissors to do some activity happening the kitchen.  Some of us are fortunate enough to have a built-in workspace.  But for those of us who don’t, I suggest transforming a drawer, cabinet oropen counter space into your "kitchen office" to stock the items listed below.

  • Pad of Paper – to write recipes and grocery lists
  • Pens and Pencils – for labeling and writing
  • Sharpies – to label items like zip-lock bags
  • Calculator – to use for calculations and measurements
  • White Labels - for labeling
  • Scissors/Shears – to clip coupons, prep flower arrangements… you name it
  • Zippered Storage Bag – to keep loose items together
  • Small box of binder clips – great for clipping items together and closing small baggies
  • Post-its notes - for reminders
  • A copy of The HouseBook Journal - to hold all information that pertains to your house in one easy to find location.

If space is  limited try storing these items in a file box in a cabinet or under the sink.  Preparedness and accessibility is key in running an organized home.

These basic office items incorporated into the kitchen will solve many a domestic bind.