12 Ways to Beautify Your Closet: The Quick Closet Upgrade

My clients love the way I make specific aspects of their home feel special.  I’d say I get the most joy out of transforming clothing closets.  Small adjustments made in any closet can create a big impact on how you feel about your clothes.  The key, of course, is organization.

Here are some of the Dare To Be Domestic items I use to spice up any closet…

Hanger upgrades - to a thin velvet hanger. They save space and look great.

Tissue paper - get that feeling of trying your clothing on for the first time by folding items with tissue. Not only does it feel good but it it helps thin item alike t-shirts and sweaters hold their fold.

White board - is a great way to keep track of things you have at the cleaners and items you lend to friends.

Color coordinating - helps you easily find items no matter how big your closet is.

Hang intimates - allows you to see what you have and remind you to use those item ignored items.

Proper seating - try adding an ottoman or chair in your closet to add both style and function.

Full body mirror - this is a given but often ignored item. If you arelimited don space try on the back of your door or a freestanding option.

Rolling rack - a rolling rack is a good way to store seasonal clotting without having to put them in boxes or under a bed. It's also a good way to plan outfits and roll them in and out of your closet or simply to add more space.

Accessories storage - Easily convert a top dresser into accessory storage with dividers and bins.

Shoe bags - for packing and storage of cloth shoes that can easily collect dust. Also are a necessity for packing.

Extra buttons - use a box or jar for collecting extra buttons and replacement parts for your cloting and shoes.

Tags - are a great way to remind you of issues having to do with your clothing.

Make everyday in your closet a special day!