3 Tips For Maximizing Closet Space

3 Tips For Maximizing Closet Space: Take The Guess Work Out Of Folding  

The number one rule for doing anything domestic is to stick to what works best for your house and your situation.  Take folding.  Now, I can teach you five different ways to fold a shirt, but is that folded shirt technique going to work for you and yourstorage situation?

Here are some things to consider when planning your closet.

Storage Space

How much space do you have?  This will determine whether you will fold in squares(Half) or rectangles (thirds).   I have a very small linen closet at home, so I fold my towels in halves so that I can stack them higher than if I were to fold them in thirds.


It's important that you can recognize the folded item without unfolding it.  For shirts this means that you are able to see the front and the neckline.  For jeans it means that you are able to see the tab and the pocket – two important identifiers. Also consider storing items you don't wear as often up high this works especially good for shoes. Clean boxes with the shoe picture on the front  is a great time saver.

Size of Item

Small items like underwear and socks often require some creative solutions.  Especially women’s intimates.  I have two approaches to folding and storing these items:

  • Try adding tissue to create more bulk and help the item hold its fold.
  • Consider laying these items flat instead of folding them.
  • Socks can be more easily identified when stored in a sock organizer available at any home goods store.