We all live busy lives and more often than not we let small things slip into an area I call the “void area”.  This is where “things” become piles on desks, unopened letters find there way deep into drawers and our filing cabinets become graveyards for everything. There is no rhyme, reason or system in the void area.  Whether you live in an apartment, townhome or large estate the mayhem is all the same.

It wasn’t until I started using the HouseBook did I realize how much energy I was wasting in trying to manage my home.  The HouseBook, workbook and home journal, is made up of worksheets that cover all parts of your home from the serial numbers on your cable boxes to the make and model of your washer and dryer.

Starting with the HouseBook was simple and pretty much became habit once I began.

It all began with my HouseBook, a pen, letter opener, file folders and a hole punch. First, I started by gathering the piles of unopened mail hidden all around my home. As I opened the mail pertaining to my home, I would fill in the related worksheets in HouseBook with items like account numbers, contact info and any information I’d been holding in my head.  If the correspondence I was looking at was the most recent I would three hole pinch it and place it in the HouseBook.

Next I went through my phone and transcribed any home related numbers I had into the HouseBook; after all technology goes down but a trustworthy hardcopy will always be around.

Another priceless feature of the HouseBook are the logs.  They include paint, electronic, serial number, equipment and the list goes on… So I headed to my attic to find the paint codes of the colors used through out my home.  Not only was I getting organized but this allowed me to get rid of the old paint cans that I was holding scared to loose that all important paint code. This was a big space saver.

Not only is getting started with the HouseBook easy and stress relieving, the possibilities are endless for its use.  Now whenever I have an emergency or a question related to me home I know exactly where to look and so does everyone else in my home.

The HouseBook is great for all homeowners new and old, renters, estate managers and assistants. It also makes a great housewarming and realtor to client gift.