Every household should have this book. It should be mandatory! I have searched high and low for a workbook like this and the HouseBook has it all.
— Sarah Donaldson, Stay-at-home Mom


Why depend on your memory for dates and repairs when you can simply turn to your HouseBook?  It keeps track of all your household happenings with easy-to-use, detailed worksheets.

Be your own Estate Manager and know everything happening in and around your home at all times with this invaluable home resource. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a beachfront estate, The HouseBook will play a beneficial role in keeping your home running smooth.

The House Book is great for HomeownersEstate ManagersAssistantsHouse GuestsProperty Managers and Realtors.

Professional Organizer and Estate Manager Derrick Johnson created The HouseBook based on the many customized books he creates for his Hollywood clients.


The HouseBook
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Great for home organization - it is a must!
— Heather Steyn, Online Shopper





Ready to use right out the box with durable section dividers, storage pouch, business card holders and to- do note pad.


Stylish, subtle and durable The HouseBook comes in a custom black linen paper three ring binder with matching slipcase.  Perfect for any home aesthetic.



Large easy-to-read divider tabs help navigate through worksheets and pre-printed with book categories for a clean polished look.


Covers over 80 home categories including the serial numbers on your cable boxes to the paint and wifi pass codes used throughout your home.

  • Multi-functional journal/workbook to help manage and organize every aspect of your home or investment property.

  • Easy-to-use, worksheets and insider links to download exclusive House Book content.

  • Includes: (80) Worksheets, (1) 3 Ring Binder & Case, (1) Storage Pouch, (10) Dividers, (3) Bus. Card Pages, (1) Notepad


If I had hired and organizer to construct this book, it would have run up into the thousands
— Tracey Canfield, Property Manager


1. Fill Out

Fill in pertinent information regarding your home in the tables provided. Do so as home management issues arise or beforehand. Utilize the Notes section for additional information as needed.

2. Store & File

Store relevant home documents, business cards and receipts in the HouseBook. Place binder in a safe but accessible place. A three-hole punch is a great tool to have handy when using your workbook.

3. Print & Expand

Register and login to print additional sheets and pages, discover book add-ons and learn more ways to maximize your HouseBook.

The HouseBook
59.99 89.99
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Community Information, Utilities, Power/Electric, Water, Gas, TV/Cable, Phone, Internet, Trash, Security, Water Delivery, Piano, Convection Oven, Washer, Dryer, Water Heater, Air Conditioner, Microwave, Refrigerator, Wine Storage Fridge, Vacuum, Trash Compactor, Computers/Tablets, Televisions, Camera, VCR/DVD Player, Cell Phones, Computer, Printer, Routers/Airports, Fax Machine, Vehicle Gate Access, Fountain/Water Feature, Heat Lamps, Grill, Garage Doors, Pool Operation, Jacuzzi, Fireplace, House Staff, Housekeeping Supplies, Vendor Contact List, Animal Doctors, Pet Food/Supplies, Key Log, Paint Log, Vehicles, Maintenance Log, Insurance Log, 12 Month Calendar and more...


Every household should have this book. It should be mandatory! I have searched high and low for a workbook like this and the HouseBook has it all.
— Pamela Pokie - Hollywood Assistant

The HouseBook
59.99 89.99
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